How to Choose the Best Gas Grill?

Hi, I’m Chef Tony Matassa with and Today we were going to take a very close look at some of the most important things to consider when trying to decide which gas grill is right for you.

Now the odds are, you are going to have this grill for a really long time, so it’s important to look into these things.

Let’s get started!

One of the first things I like to find out is, how much grill they want.. size wise.

At first, people generally try to answer this question with how much food they cook.

So they only need a two burner, because it’s only a husband and wife, and thats all they are ever cooking for is them and two kids so it’s no big deal.

But you should also try to keep in mind, the more burners you have the more versatility in cooking you have.

By that I mean, if you have a nice wide grill, even if you are only cooking for a couple people, if you want to cook indirectly, possibly smoke on your gas grill, you’ll need more space for that.

So also keep those kind of things in mind when looking at the number of main burners in a grill.

When trying to help people decide how much grilling real estate they needed, it was sort of tough.

We could give you square inches, or the actual dimensions. But that’s kind of hard to really put into your mind how much space that is.

So we decided to go with 4 inch round hamburgers, because we know how big that is and what it looks like.

So we decided to lay those out on the grids, and that is how we come about our burger count, to really give you a real world feel of how large a certain grill is. Sometimes I need best self propelled lawn mower in my lawn.

Let’s have a look at the different cooking grid types that you will find with gas grills..

We will begin with stainless steel grids.

Stainless steel grids come in a variety of options, thicker and thinner, you have cast stainless steel.. sometimes they use
tubular stainless steel.

But the main thing to remember is that stainless steel will probably give you the most longevity, and also the most resistance to corrosion and rust.

The main thing to keep in mind is, the more.. or the heavier that section of grid is, the more heat it will retain, which will provide a better sear.

Next you have porcelain coated steel grids.. these are probably the least desirable to have on a gas grill but in my experience natural gas grills works the best and there are many best natural gas grills available on the market.

They show up looking great, but from heating and cooling, and heating and cooling the grids.. they are more prone to chip and anywhere that you have a chip is just plain cold steel underneath there, and so it’s going to be prone to rust
once it chips.

Another grid type that you see sometimes on gas grills is a porcelainized cast iron.

I’ts a little bit different, um, the porcelain doesn’t necessarily sit on the surface of the grids, its more within the pores.

This lasts a whole lot longer, it still eventually you could have some rust here and there.. but it’s generally years after the fact, giving it more longevity than a standard porcelainized steel.

Let’s have a look at the flame taming, or flame distribution system within a gas grill.

Sometimes these are called flavorizing plates or bars, um they call them different things but basically they sit between the burner’s flame and the grid.

It helps to protect the burner from direct droppings of fat, debris, that kind of thing.

It also helps prevent flare ups from that sometimes.

The other major thing that it does is, catches the flame’s heat and helps to more evenly distribute that heat.

It also provides for better flavor enhancement, since the drippings that you have from your marinades on your meat will fall onto the flame tamers and either be carbonized or vaporized back up into the food.. helping to either
marinate it or give it some smokey flavor just like charcoal used to do.

The two main types that you’ll most often see in gas grills is some form of metal flame tamer, and some sort of a flame tamer that incorporates ceramics.

The main types you’ll see with metal flame tamers are either a perforated sheet, sort of like this one, in different varieties, or a tp, or a tent.. sort of like this one with different sizes, but roughly these are
the main types you’ll see.

The difference between these two, is that the perforated ones usually cover more of the area, which will protect your burners a little bit better.. and are a little bit better at being more even with heat distribution,
and protecting from flare ups.

Where as you can see, the tent, or tp is going to have some empty spaces in between the burners, leaving it so that it will be a little bit more uneven than a perforated sheet.

So, these are the things which I think you must consider while buying a gas grills.